Hybrid 600TM has been designed for both abatement and safety interlocking applications for industrial combustion processes in large scale equipment. Our progressive technology can analyse in all types of processes and measure emissions gases including, for example, O2, CO, NO, CO2, NOX, SO2, CH4, HCl, NH3, HF, and H2S.

Time is of the essence
An example of the Hybrid 600TM application in safety interlocking is the rapid detection of dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) levels in combustion processes. In pyro processes, the safety limit is usually set at 1.0 Vol% or less. Any reading above this limit will result in automatic shutdown to avoid catastrophic plant accidents.

CO has a lower explosive limit (LEL) of approximately 12.5 Vol%. If for example, a process has a maximum increase of 0.2 vol% CO per second, you would reach the critical limit of 12.5 Vol% in just 63 seconds.

To put the critical element of time and speed into perspective, adjusting the standard safety factor k to 0.25* would reduce the LEL to 3.25 Vol%, where the dangerous threat of explosion could be reached in as little as 16 seconds. So, acting fast is key for changing a process in time to avoid safety risks. The faster an analysis is made, the better your peace of mind

* (according to IEC 60079-10 and NFPA 69)

Application: Safety in Cement

Achieve better control
How can the Hybrid 600TM act as a control device for abatement technologies? One example is in a catalytical ammonia control process that is used for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Our non-contact laser solution complements abatement technologies by providing fast and accurate readings in high-dust environments so that the precise amount of ammonia can be sprayed into the process according to results from the gas analysis.

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