About us

FLO2R offers progressive laser gas analysis technology that is not available anywhere else on the market. Our deep-seated knowledge and experience mean we fully understand that gas analysis is a critical component for all large-scale industrial combustion processes.  We are progressive and visionary – much like the product we offer.

It is no industry secret that precise gas analysis in high-dust environments can be difficult to achieve with slow-responding, high-maintenance designs. This, coupled with the hazardous nature of potentially explosive gases, poses an operational and safety risk.

The Hybrid 600TM, with its patented design for fast, accurate and safe gas analysis represents a simple and better solution for large-scale industrial combustion processes in a range of industry sectors, including cement and mineral, pulp and paper, power, petrochemical, waste incineration, and metal.

Let’s work together to expand your use of lasers into other applications, creating new business opportunities in preparation for the future.
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